Trip to Busan: Food lover’s guide

Beach, relaxing atmosphere, leisurely people and amazing food…What else can I ask for more in Busan?

Yes, I am very excited to have my first long summer in Busan since my childhood and happy to share my findings in Busan with you. Some of the restaurants in this post are hardly known to tourists (Thanks to a large number of relatives living in Busan, I came to find many great places which no tourist guide books have any reference). You will be surprised to find how good, authentic and cheap they are!

1. On the plate (1F, Paradise Hotel, 1408-5, Jung-dong, Haeundae)20258508_10214168747601424_1413348881426761092_n




20108366_10214168774602099_4452068070497866763_nReputation of Paradise hotel in Busan is simply legendary and ex-Paradise chefs, sommeliers are found in some of the best establishment in Busan, proudly holding their badge as “Ex-Paradise (wo)men”. Top quality facilities, restaurants and service all adequately describe Paradise Hotel, and the real star is its beachfront location, commanding the best sea view in Busan.

With the slogan of “7-Star dining experience”, On The Plate is an ideal place to enjoy seafood-focused international buffet in the newly renovated venue. After your lunch, plunge into this beautiful Haeudae, Busan’s top beach where the number of daily visitors easily reaches 1 million in peak season.

2. Aomori (3F, Centum Hotel, 1505, U-dong, Haeundae)20156023_10214198683869812_8197313086834994207_n.jpg



20108239_10214168887644925_2863363106412153213_n5 min-walk from the World’s largest department store “Centum Shinsegae” sits this cozy Japanese place, quite famous among visitors from other parts of the country. While I greatly enjoyed Omakase lunch comprising 5-6 menus at a fraction of the price that I would pay for in Hong Kong, it didn’t take long to realize that there are numerous other alternatives in this port city where seafood places are as common as wonton noodle shops in Hong Kong.

Aomori is worthwhile to try if you are in “Centum city” and want to get your Sushi/Sashimi fix in a refined setting. I am more excited to post real authentic Sashimi places filled with Busan characteristics, something similar to “Tsukiji market” in Tokyo in my next post “Trip to Busan: Serious foodie’s guide”

3. Ops Bakery (1429-6 Jwa-dong, Haeundae, multi-locations)20155970_10214169024968358_5123162627281126722_n


20258001_10214169024608349_1131190233990753520_nOps Bakery is somewhat equivalent to Seoul’s “Kim Youngmo Bakery“, offering highest quality pastries/breads/cakes at a price. It has around 8 shops in major locations throughout the city and chances are you will encounter at least one of its venues somewhere in your itinerary. Despite its aggressive pricing policy, Ops Bakery is always filled with people due mainly to its comprehensive menu that satisfies general palate.

4. Newbell Bread (1F, Zenith Square, 33 Marine City 3-ro, Haeundae-gu)20258241_10214226336121101_287567151941450037_n




20292697_10214233496260100_6669250647814935703_n20258299_10214233497540132_8054190739315217757_nLocated at one of Busan’s wealthiest districts “Marine City” which boasts the splendid skyline, Newbell Bread really stands out from the crowd and provides the neighborhood with unique, quality bread. Signature menu is “roasted chestnut bread” where you can find generous amount of whole roasted chestnut and “Angel baguette” whose soft, chewy texture pairs perfectly with its homemade milk jam. Strongly recommend this place to anyone visiting Busan if you care for good loaf of bread with decent coffee in a super-posh neighborhood.

5.18 Wandang House (31, BIFF Gwangjang-ro, Nampo-dong, Jung-gu)20155744_10214168934846105_5324313366699725970_n



20156064_10214168935086111_8161034914892492678_nDon’t let the humble decors fool you as this serves one of the tastiest dumpling places in the city. Menu at 18 Wandang House is simple and straightforward, it’s all about wandang (similar to wontons in Hong Kong) soup made with long-simmered anchovy seaweed stock and handmade wandang that is irresistibly good. If your hunger is not satisfied with a bowl of wandang soup(HKD 50, USD 6), pair it with “Soba with mixed vegetables in a spicy sauce(HKD 60, USD 8)” and these are truly comfort food for the soul. After your meal, a walk through Nampo-dong will unfold many interesting places, including “Kukje Market” which is featured in the famous Korean movie.

6. 냉수탕가든: Naengsu Tang(107, Gaya gongwon-ro, Busan jingu)20228718_10214186500965247_1243337773339766286_n




20245975_10214186501045249_8208064088585047274_nOK, Naengsu-tang is not the one you will encounter in your typical itinerary. I had the most interesting meal here in my first week in Busan for both types of food and dining ambience. You’ll have the luxury of experiencing traditional Korean dining back in the old days(Korean-style Al-fresco dining surrounded by lush green). Naengsu-tang specializes in “roasted duck(duck bulgogi)” and “herbal simmered clear duck soup(Duck baeksook)” and they taste amazingly good.

You will be surprised to find that it only cost KRW 150,000 (HKD1,000, USD 130) to feed 8 hungry adults and 2 primary school kids. So next time you visit Busan (preferably with a group of 4 or more), simply grab a cab and go to this place. It will truly be an experience that you won’t forget.

7.  JM Coffee (B1, Sinsegae Centum, 1495 U-dong, Haeundae-gu, multi-locations)20265118_10214226179037174_8598135160598272946_n


20292981_10214226217638139_7908004811804561679_nIf you are wondering where you will get your caffeine fix in the world’s largest department store “Shinsegae Centum”,  JM Coffee is the right place to satisfy your coffee craving. As a coffee aficionado, I could immediately sense that this place treats coffee seriously. Try its popular Long black or Cafe latte in its cool ambience exuding hipster-vibe in each and every corner and it is the place that makes Busan’s cafe scene so unique and vibrant.

Next, Trip to Busan: Serious foodie’s guide will follow to introduce you more exciting places in Busan so please stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Trip to Busan: Food lover’s guide

    1. Hi there~Totally agree! Busan is full of culinary surprise that I’ve never thought about before, especially endless seafood feast~😀


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